Free Time

It’s been a while since I’ve updated anything here in the blog. I’ve been having a hard time balancing my time for my day job, school and the blog. I’ve been wanting to write about so many things, so many places and food and so much more. I’ll make it up to you guys 🙂

I hope you have no problem with balancing your time too, set your priorities and plan ahead. A good way to achieve something is to have a plan.

Will be posting soon! Thank you & I love you ❤️

Ps, here’s what the beach after sunset looked like:

Love, Tim 🍉


My June Experience.

All good things must come to an end and every ending is a new beginning.

A new chapter has been added to my life. At first, I was hesitant, unsure and perhaps was scared. I was never really a people person because I was trapped in my own safe haven which I created for my self preservation.

Opening up to others, making the extra mile to have a conversation or even just taking the effort to ask for a selfie is not really my forté. I’d like to stay in the sideline, and just observe and just wait for my eco-system to be altered, for the better, I guess.

All of this changed, not entirely but gradually. I’ve learned that YOU have to be that person, that YOU have to make that effort to reach out and begin what’s needed to begin. Learn to adjust with everyone but not to the extent that you will let your guard down and just let them see right through you cause remember that preserving your mystery is the key and a superpower like invisibility.

Cliché as it seems, change really is the only thing that is constant in this world and I like that. I don’t define myself as an introvert nor an extrovert cause maybe I’m a mix of both. Making new friends — never that easy. It’s like giving away a piece of you that they can trail and in return you will receive a part of them too. We all are really kids at heart, we can make friends as easy as that even if people have different sets of attitude, you may or may not like it but you just have to live with it because that’s how it goes.

With this, I have come to realize and was able to piece together what making friends mean. It is making the most of the similarities that we had, understanding the differences (especially the “Ilonggo” language — which I think is really cool and really soothing to the ears) and creating a bond out of this formula that would eventually be unbreakable. Hopefully.


Will forever treasure the two boat rides, six cabs, eight jeepneys, countless trips to the elevator and the spiral stairs, not to mention the mind twisting traffic and the sleepless nights I had to go through because of exams, foodtrips and random coffee nights. The few places that made me feel touristy. Also keeping in mind the free food served every after an hour and a half or two, the crazy boomerang videos and the ENDLESS selfie ops. Not to forget the accomodation that made us feel like we were Rajahs and Ranis on vacation. It has been a pleasure training with you!

Alvin Timothy Tan
TTP Batch 4


Beach, beach, beach.

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Sim’s ice cream! Butter Pecan, I dont know whats that but itsss so delicious! 💚
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Candid shots are the best.
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Turning away from life’s problems be like.
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Smile! Because you are worth it 🌼
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Getting darker and darker by the minute. ✨
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Look at that view!!
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Clear blue waters, can’t drown me.
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Beach is always a good idea. 🌸

Side Trip: Padre Burgos

Forty five minutes from the capital of Southern Leyte lies Padre Burgos, a peaceful and picturesque municipality that boasts tourist worthy beaches, dive resorts & charming coastlines. One of its acclaimed spots that’s slowly gaining name & visitors is the Blue Deep Resort. The unique design and architecture of the place really captivates the eye of the goers. The place is rustic and has a blend of polynesian inspired villas and asian design and also it holds a panoramic view of the bay which surely, will inspire you to go diving. Padre Burgos has A LOT of diving resorts.

Aside from the view and the beach, the resort offers a variety of food.

And the rest is for you to experience.
See you there!
How to get there:
Start from Maasin 🚌
– Multicab fare is 30 php
– Multicabs standby at the J&F store
– You can take the bus that will go to Malitbog still at 30 php

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Von Voyage, 2016!

a look back to a crazy, wonderful and amazing year it was! #2016

On a serious note.
2016 has been one of my character building moment. It has molded me to become stronger through life’s poignant adversities, failures that I have encountered and mistakes that proved to be inevitable in some circumstances. It taught me that you won’t get what you want and need unless you work hard for it. If you still fail but gave your all, then it is basically okay. Needless to remind that a Great Divine Providence will work His power upon you, in His own free and most perfect time.
2016 has the most number of pages read including reviewers, reference books and even fictional ones. Truly, one reason I call myself a nerd.
2016 also paved the way to meeting new acquaintances hence creating new circle of friends. I learned to value friendship not on years spent with but with moments rendered.
2016 has also painted color to my life through the amazing places I have been to for the first time and for nth time. It gave me a new perspective towards life together with its delicate features and surprises laid upon and yet to unfold to us and to me.
To the ones I call family, friends and inspiration. A Happy New Year to you all.

Love, Tim. ❤


#getlostwithtim #forever

Self Reminder 2.0

Mahigit dalawang taon na akong walang lovelife (yung serious na lovelife ha), I really don’t know why I’d always end up in a failed relationship. Oh, alam ko pala — me. So here I am desperate to find love kaya madali lang talaga akong kiligin kahit nagbabasa lang ng novels, facebook posts at even confessions and at some point I feel that romantic love might not just come today or later maybe never. Hindi ko talaga maiwasang mag-imagine, sana nangyari sakin yun, sana ganun ginawa ko, puro nalang sana, sana, lahat ng sana natutupad. Pero mukhang malabong mangyari yun kasi wala naman pong nagkakagusto sa akin at kung meron man, I always turn them down (medyo oa at harsh), or even rid of the thought na magiging kami. Kasi naging reserved na po kasi ako simula ng masaktan ako ng sobra-sobra, yung tipong ayaw mo nang bumangon sa bed mo kasi ang bigat-bigat ng damdamin mo, yung tipo ng sakit na nakakarinig ka lang ng love songs, iiyak-iyak kana, parang ang oa ko nung panahon na yun. Kaya ng nakapagmove-on ako (Hallelujah!) hindi na talaga ako nagpapadala sa mga crush-crush na yan, kahit aminin pa nila na may gusto sila sa akin, hinding hindi ko talaga kayang masuklian ang kanilang paghanga, sorry bes, hanggang friends lang talaga tayo.


Kasi naranasan mo na dumaan sa posisyon nila, naranasan mong sabihin sa taong mahal mo ang tunay mong nararamdaman kahit alam mong sa huli, wala, bokya.


Kasi most of the time, may gusto ka sa kanya, siya naman may gustong iba, at may iba dyan na ikaw ag gusto pero ayaw mo, choosy ka bes, choosy ka — kasi magiging unfair ka naman sa kanya. Sabihin na natin na naging masaya siya kasi naging kayo pero bes, pag hindi mo talaga mahal, mararamdaman din niya yun. Magiging cold din siya pwera nalang kung magiging martyr siya, pero mali yun eh. I once read a quote that says “Love is when you consider someone else’s happiness over yours” but I think ito ang definition ng pagiging martyr kasi pag hindi kana masaya, hindi na yan relationship, isa na yang relationSHIT. Dapat, masaya ka, masaya siya, masaya tayong lahat.

SO HERE’S MY ADVICE TO MYSELF and to those na nakakarelate:

  • Maging open ka, i-consider mo ang feelings nila over yours but not to the point of becoming a martyr just to make other people happy. Remember, that life is short to be unhappy.
  • Don’t give them the impression that you like them too much to make them “partner material”. Minsan kasi bes, Ay! Most of the time pala. Dyan kasi nagsisimula ang lahat. Walang assuming kung walang nagbibigay motibo sa kanila na mag assume. Make your actions friendly but not to the point of being romantically friendly.
  • If ever this happens to you (again): Divert your attention to something else if hindi mo na talaga kaya. Nakakatulong kasi kapag may ginagawa ka kaysa mag mok-mok ka lang sa bed mo at makinig sa mga kanta ni Adele – ganda ng songs ni Adele, nakaka un-move-on kung baga. HAYSS
  • And lastly, mainlove ka sa tamang panahon at sa tamang tao. Lahat ng bagay may timing, hindi mo alam kung kalian pero kapag darating na yun, in that moment ma fe-feel mo na talaga, yung kakaibang feeling na hindi mo ma explain at mapapa “asdfghjkl” ka lang at ewan ko hindi ko pa na feel rin eh. Hehe.

You deserve someone that would reciprocate the love that you keep on giving.
Above all, they deserve to be happy as you deserve happiness.

Disclaimer: Hindi ko alam kung ano ang nakain ko at nasulat ko to. #WalaPaAkongKain

Love, Tim