To you, from me.

An open letter
to the one who
broke my heart.

You know, you have always been my one great love. You showed me something that I didn’t see in anyone. You’ve always seen my positive side, the ones that the crowd would rarely see. A different side of me, a different perspective of my self, a different me. I’ve learn to trust you, in any ways possible. Supported you, even if the support isn’t much needed. Gave myself up for you so you could feel whole again. All of this I have done just so you could feel and see that I am here, with open arms, willing to take you back over and over and over again. I still remember how I cried over you in the rain. I felt the sky crying for me for I can no longer shed anymore tears for my eyes can no longer weep. I felt the whole world crashing, bits and pieces. I felt everything, I felt every tiny atoms inside of me falling apart. It hurts to know that you are gone and that you can never really come back. It hurts to know that I have lost myself more than I have lost you. You have taken away everything from me because you knew it was all for you and you have given yourself the freedom to catch my broken pieces so you could fill up your own empty ones. And now, five years have passed, I feel a little better than before. You have found your missing piece. While I’m here also trying, trying, and trying to find what could possibly fill the empty spaces in me. You’re still you, I heard but I don’t care anymore. You talk to me through messenger but it won’t bring up the pain again. The rain won’t make me cry again. And I guess I have finally decided to choose to let go of what’s holding me back to be happy and it’s not you after all, it’s the fear of being not good enough for someone.

Your friend,


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