Water Baby 🌊

I must have been blessed because I live near the beach. The beach always inspires me everyday. Just by looking at it, I can sense calmness and peace. When it is at its roughest, I can also feel gloomy. We have different kinds of beaches, white sand, black sand, stone & rock embelished shores. One thing is in common, beach is the best theraphy. I have been to many beautiful beaches, each of them has its own unique story that is close to my heart. Stories that are either heart warming or heart breaking. As I venture out into more and diverse coastlines I can’t help but wonder what it feels like to breathe down under. How it feels like to be like the mer-people. Of course all of these thoughts are just random reflections of what runs through my mind but hey? Nothing wrong with that. #TimsRandomThoughts

Share me your thoughts about the beaches you have in your place.

Love, Tim

Self Reminder 2.0

Mahigit dalawang taon na akong walang lovelife (yung serious na lovelife ha), I really don’t know why I’d always end up in a failed relationship. Oh, alam ko pala — me. So here I am desperate to find love kaya madali lang talaga akong kiligin kahit nagbabasa lang ng novels, facebook posts at even confessions and at some point I feel that romantic love might not just come today or later maybe never. Hindi ko talaga maiwasang mag-imagine, sana nangyari sakin yun, sana ganun ginawa ko, puro nalang sana, sana, lahat ng sana natutupad. Pero mukhang malabong mangyari yun kasi wala naman pong nagkakagusto sa akin at kung meron man, I always turn them down (medyo oa at harsh), or even rid of the thought na magiging kami. Kasi naging reserved na po kasi ako simula ng masaktan ako ng sobra-sobra, yung tipong ayaw mo nang bumangon sa bed mo kasi ang bigat-bigat ng damdamin mo, yung tipo ng sakit na nakakarinig ka lang ng love songs, iiyak-iyak kana, parang ang oa ko nung panahon na yun. Kaya ng nakapagmove-on ako (Hallelujah!) hindi na talaga ako nagpapadala sa mga crush-crush na yan, kahit aminin pa nila na may gusto sila sa akin, hinding hindi ko talaga kayang masuklian ang kanilang paghanga, sorry bes, hanggang friends lang talaga tayo.


Kasi naranasan mo na dumaan sa posisyon nila, naranasan mong sabihin sa taong mahal mo ang tunay mong nararamdaman kahit alam mong sa huli, wala, bokya.


Kasi most of the time, may gusto ka sa kanya, siya naman may gustong iba, at may iba dyan na ikaw ag gusto pero ayaw mo, choosy ka bes, choosy ka — kasi magiging unfair ka naman sa kanya. Sabihin na natin na naging masaya siya kasi naging kayo pero bes, pag hindi mo talaga mahal, mararamdaman din niya yun. Magiging cold din siya pwera nalang kung magiging martyr siya, pero mali yun eh. I once read a quote that says “Love is when you consider someone else’s happiness over yours” but I think ito ang definition ng pagiging martyr kasi pag hindi kana masaya, hindi na yan relationship, isa na yang relationSHIT. Dapat, masaya ka, masaya siya, masaya tayong lahat.

SO HERE’S MY ADVICE TO MYSELF and to those na nakakarelate:

  • Maging open ka, i-consider mo ang feelings nila over yours but not to the point of becoming a martyr just to make other people happy. Remember, that life is short to be unhappy.
  • Don’t give them the impression that you like them too much to make them “partner material”. Minsan kasi bes, Ay! Most of the time pala. Dyan kasi nagsisimula ang lahat. Walang assuming kung walang nagbibigay motibo sa kanila na mag assume. Make your actions friendly but not to the point of being romantically friendly.
  • If ever this happens to you (again): Divert your attention to something else if hindi mo na talaga kaya. Nakakatulong kasi kapag may ginagawa ka kaysa mag mok-mok ka lang sa bed mo at makinig sa mga kanta ni Adele – ganda ng songs ni Adele, nakaka un-move-on kung baga. HAYSS
  • And lastly, mainlove ka sa tamang panahon at sa tamang tao. Lahat ng bagay may timing, hindi mo alam kung kalian pero kapag darating na yun, in that moment ma fe-feel mo na talaga, yung kakaibang feeling na hindi mo ma explain at mapapa “asdfghjkl” ka lang at ewan ko hindi ko pa na feel rin eh. Hehe.

You deserve someone that would reciprocate the love that you keep on giving.
Above all, they deserve to be happy as you deserve happiness.

Disclaimer: Hindi ko alam kung ano ang nakain ko at nasulat ko to. #WalaPaAkongKain

Love, Tim

North Bound


As a kid, I was always afraid of riding planes because I saw a lot of movies back then that weren’t really trip-provoking but as it turns out it was and still is an amazing experience.


So here’s my North bound trip 🙂


Old meets new. Inside the walled city of Intramuros, old cultures of buildings and architecture meet with new and advance idiosyncrasies of the people and the community.


One of the famous landmarks of Manila is The Minor Basilica and Metropolitan Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception also known as the Manila Cathedral. It has been there for quite some time now. It was established back in 1571. Has been struck by different challenges like earthquake and fire. It has been restored and now you can marvel to its grandeur as well as practice your faith.


“Refugium Peccatorum”

Found inside the church is a small chamber dedicated to the image of Mary, Refuge of Sinners. You can offer your prayers here especially with the intentions of those who have departed before us.


The Cathedral’s Belfry. #JAwDropping





“The San Agustin Church”

Another symbolic architecture found in Intramuros is the more than 400 year old church of Saint Augustine.


Here are some snippets from my Tagaytay experience.


And lastly, my MNL trip would not be complete if it weren’t for them.


Love, Tim.

Travel became my medicine.


Before, in the four corners of my room I confined in solitude imagining what it’s like to be traveling around here and there. The more I do, the more I become weary to the fact that what I ought to be doing right now might all just be, illusions rather than heart-warming daydreams. “To travel is to live” said the famous quote and that as we move from one place to another we let our soul rather than our bodies grow, develop and learn. It seems like as we meet new people and see new horizons we become numb to the effects of time and as we let the moment sink in, only then can we recognize the fact that traveling may have cured us from the recurring sickness brought about by monotone habits.

The idea of it all struck me in a sublime manner and opened my eyes to the great promises of traveling. I, for myself am blessed to have received what I have today, not the terminal fees I have paid, not the gasoline tanks filled, not the burnt skin in driving in the shade of southern skies, not the islands I’ve crossed nor the scars that came along the way, but it is that sting you just can’t explain. That certain feeling you gain as you talk to strangers, as you break the ice between intimidation and share smiles. That certain feeling that give you the chill when you see the sunsets and feel the warm breeze of the sea and remember home.

To travel really is to live. We breathe air but more than that we cling on to memories for us to be reminded that we are not machines that feed on programs and software but embodied spirits that live on cherished moments, moments that may either be bound for oblivion or for ethereal nostalgia. These are more than thoughts written and emotions put to words.

Life is not a race and the world isn’t big enough for the life we have dreamed of, travel and be cured.

Cuddle Weather Alert.


2016-11-03 10.04.07 1.jpg
Sippin’ ice cold raspberry tea at Ganda’s. #GandasAroma

It’s that time of the year again when the night is long and the weather is perfect for cuddles.

So, don’t forget your jackets and hoodies. You might need them as your go to outfits on a daily basis for the cold may be a bother after all.

Will be updating soon.


  • Tim.

DIGYO: Stole My Heart


Away from the hustle and bustle of the city life awaits the Cuatro Islas of Leyte. Four uniquely beautiful islands with pristine coastlines. I was enchanted to have roamed one of the four. Digyo, the smallest but the most alluring of them all captured my heart.

The journey starts with a boat ride from the port and in around 30 to 45 minutes travel time. Mind you, the waves there can be a challenge, so I suggest, you travel in the morning but if you’re an adventure junkie you might as well keep up with the waves. Once you reach the island you’ll see below the white sand and the different marine animals lurking therein. The island features nothing less than untouched beauty. Locals are few, there are only eight houses in the island and solar panels power the island lamp posts. Please charge your phones and cameras or bring many power banks as possible.

At night time, the wind is chilly but not biting. I, myself, slept in the sand and it was an amazing experience, no tents, no mosquito repellents, no reservations, just a blanket. The best part of that night was the glorious skyline full of stars because it’s far from light pollution. You’ll certainly get in touched and feel one with nature.


You’d definitely need to bring sea goggles. The view below is as amazing as the view above. If you have underwater cameras then you’d definitely have a blast.


Sunbathing is a must, but please, put on some sunscreen to protect the skin you’re in. There aren’t enough tall trees that could shade you in the seashore.


I’d definitely go loco for some cocos. There are a lot.


If you have a soft spot for seafoods, then you better gear up because the island offers so many different fresh produce. From shells, to different varieties of fish. Surely, it would be a gastronomic feast. Simple life hack: Bring someone who knows how to cook! Numnum


Perhaps the best thing that the island gave to me was taking away a part of something that I needed to let out that I have kept in for quite sometime. I can’t lie, I really have a soft spot for beaches. They usually take my stress away. The best and humane form of pain relievers and water therapy at its finest.

I’d definitely be back. The three islands better be ready.