Diary. #Feb

Have you ever wondered what it is like to really say what you really want to say, out loud and with vigorous conviction? I bet it is satisfying and mind blowing at the same time. But we are not bound to do just that mainly because we observe boundaries, we create walls that define your lawn against others and crossing might mean a breach of a next to a non existing but executory contract.

It has come to a point that my mind has been bombarded with unfathomable what ifs and ought-to-bes. Always and most of the time I always pray that I may not commit any kind of mistake but what can you do? I am not perfect and so are you. But the saddest part is, and perhaps the worst is that all of these melacholy are all in my mind. And that they aren’t ready to be enunciated.

Please. Let me be human too.


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