Water Baby 🌊

I must have been blessed because I live near the beach. The beach always inspires me everyday. Just by looking at it, I can sense calmness and peace. When it is at its roughest, I can also feel gloomy. We have different kinds of beaches, white sand, black sand, stone & rock embelished shores. One thing is in common, beach is the best theraphy. I have been to many beautiful beaches, each of them has its own unique story that is close to my heart. Stories that are either heart warming or heart breaking. As I venture out into more and diverse coastlines I can’t help but wonder what it feels like to breathe down under. How it feels like to be like the mer-people. Of course all of these thoughts are just random reflections of what runs through my mind but hey? Nothing wrong with that. #TimsRandomThoughts

Share me your thoughts about the beaches you have in your place.

Love, Tim


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