Choose: Happiness.


The world is built on “what ifs” said the famous quote. Yes, it’s true. We tend to make decisions that normally would require the best of us. Simple life decisions that would either make or break us. Other people choose to do bad. Some are torn between doing two things. And I hope most are believing in the goodness there is in everyone.

Will you choose something that would hurt you? Or will you choose to do something that would make others happy but will hurt you too? Do you believe that happiness should come in two’s? Ask yourself.

To choose something that would hurt me is absurd but logical. Letting go of someone who’s constantly hurting you is logical. Moving on is logical. To understand people in difficult times is logical.

And if I’m torn to choose between certain things, I’d rather see myself hurt and heal in the process than to always place myself first and hurt people. They’ll eventually forget your good deed or they will not but that doesn’t matter. What matters is the good deed you have done, no reservations, no inhibitions.

And lastly, No. I don’t believe that happiness should come in two’s. I am happy being single and so should all the single people out there! Life is not assured to be blissful when you have a partner or tragic when you have none. Just believe in the power of choosing happiness without certain clauses that would render it less than a hundred percent.

Be with your family. Travel. Explore. Make yourself useful and erase the idea that Romantic Love is required for us to be happy.

Trust me and choose happiness. โค



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