My take on the famous and infamous sides of social media.

Ages ago many strive to improve the mode and medium of communication, and who would have thought that talking to someone would be easier and even faster. In just a blink of an eye you can send a message to your friend from the other end of the world, compared to the latter years sending mail would take you months and would cost you so much either. Social media has been a key player towards the improvement and the downfall of the essence of communication. I myself have been affected by this phenomenon. Of the many social media platforms we have today I don’t know if some, if not most would know the true meaning of what they are really doing.

Based on my keen observation, some people would hurry to comment on a photo that is neither confirmed true or fraud. Some would site the history of what’s in-scripted in the file, others would downplay plain insults and an unfair judgement without even knowing what really is the truth. I can not imagine someone saying to my face all those comments and hate messages. Crying and feeling sorry for myself would be the first coping mechanism but it would be an understatement at some point. I wonder what goes through the mind of those people who take joy and fulfillment in bashing and painting grey other people’s life? Is it really that easy to let go of harsh words? Let us remember that we have been taught by our elders that words hurt more than knives. I am really curious if they believe in karma? or even  in the golden rule? But one thing’s for sure social media has not just changed and improved the lives we have today, it also elevated the style and art of criticizing people — we know and we don’t know.

When Pia Wurtzbach won Miss Universe, it was both a mad spectacle and a joyous event. People all over the world took to social media their congratulations and even their criticisms. Filipinos would defend her when the other parties ( you know who ) would bash her. I can clearly see that even until now ( check her IG ), there are still bashers and they’re still on that same party. What I would like to emphasize here is that bashing people is bashing people. We get angry if foreigners bash Filipinos, but why are we doing the same thing? I know, opinion is an opinion, and everyone is entitled to it, it’s up to us if we take it seriously or if we just ignore it but one thing’s certain, it will eventually hurt us. The extent of hurt will always be higher than the happiness one would feel reading positive reactions. Let us be civilized enough to refrain from using insolent opinions, if we have one then it’s better if we keep it to ourselves than hurt others.

But if I would be asked if social media should still exist and should still be used? I’d say yes.

Built on the foundation of improving communication, Social Media made our generation unique and I feel so lucky. Through the help of social media we can share our sympathies to those residing from afar instantaneously. Feel like we are close enough to the stars we admire when we see their posts at first hand. Through it, we have seen many people rose to fame like Maine. Individuals from all over the world can inspire others with what they wear, their ootd’s, their inspirations for food and fitness, their music covers and many more. Enterprises would no longer bank on expensive ads just to get their products to the market, they rely on social media to make their products known to others. Through social media, many have expressed their support and made the past election colorful. And I also believe that everyone has the right to be informed and with the advent of social media, everyone is.


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